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Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It’s the time of joy, laughter and giving. The smell of fires, pine trees and cinnamon is everywhere. Bells, lights and cheery music fill the malls and grocery stores. It’s enough to make even the grouchiest Grinch pleasant.

But for the Christian God-fearing family, Christmas is more than just a happy-old fellow in a bright red suit. For them this season is particularly special and sacred. It’s the time of the year when they celebrate the birth of their savior Jesus the Christ. Both God and man, He came as a servant and example to those He would call His people. He is the second-chance for mankind to be reunited with their Creator. Indeed we owe our lives to this humble man. Born of a virgin in the little town of Bethlehem in Nazareth, God gave His beloved creation yet another opportunity for blissful immortality and reconciliation with the Father God. All He asks in return for His mercy and all-encompassing love is for genuine repentance and faith made out of pure love and devotion to Him. All He asks is for our love—uncompromised, unblemished and unwavering.

If we loved Him, we would worship no other but Him. If we loved Him, we would love our neighbor as ourselves and pray for our enemies. If we loved Him we would not lie and say that we have never fallen short or given into the spirit of disobedience and rebellion in response to His instruction and guidance. If we loved Him, we would understand the gravity of our desperate dependence upon Him for salvation.

We who are weak and lowly can do nothing without the Messiah. He is the supplier of our every breath, the originator of every heartbeat, the craftsman of our soul.

How could we even think to spit in the face of the One we owe our lives to? And yet we did. To lift but one finger against this Mighty King? And yet we do. We deserve death. And yet, He’s given us another chance for life. This is reason to celebrate.

How powerful and just is our Lord Jesus Christ. Perfectly merciful and gracious! No other god has come close to Him in vitality or vibrancy for they are all silent and dead. For our Lord reigns and is living. He guides us in the way that we should go. He is the Good Shepherd who is known by His sheep—and they will follow no other unto life and eternity. Death has no sting for Jesus’ children because they know that their future lies safely within the arms of Him who knew them before they were conceived.

Praise God for His goodness and love!
This is what Christians celebrate this season and every season to come. Our lives are to be a display of worship belonging to God alone.

So let us abandon wives-tales, fairytales and traditions that pervert and dull the true joy of this time. Instead of gift giving, let us rejoice and share the Good News of the Savior with all that have an ear to hear, hunger for Truth and thirst for the water of life everlasting—for only those will be given the gift of salvation. In everything we do let us give thanks to our beloved Father by living the way He has asked us to do according to Scripture, having courage to live in the way that is right out of reverence and respect for our King. May the Lord keep you and never leave you dear breathern during this wonderful God-filled season.

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