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Children are the most amazing little gifts from God. Fragile, sweet and always ready to be loved, these docile little things carry a newness and purity about them that points even the lowliest of men to their Creator.

Carefully knit within the mother’s womb there is life in abundance that seems to scream out the glory of God. Even from utero the souls within these wee little tots rejoice and celebrate their birth into eternity. Nothing can break their will and excitement to live at this time for the bond between them and their God remains yet unbroken. They are holy and unblemished.

Even from the womb we adults become amazingly attached and protective of these defenseless little beings called babes. Somehow they remind us of our own mortality. From conception, these souls become our responsibility to raise and to mold in purity and respect. It is a divine mission that only the Lord can bestow upon us—a job that remains incomplete until finished. And so we begin.

Laughter of course is never lacking in a little person’s life. Mistakes are made but children learn to adapt quickly to the environment around them and become whatever they are expected to be.

New discoveries are in no way trivial when speaking of a child’s fascination. Even the smallest of findings cause the energy within them to spew out in all directions. Oh, to hear that sweet melody of laughter and high-pitched squeals as their precious little bodies crouch down over some new revelation of God’s creation. It is to hear happiness itself.

Full of intrigue and wonder they become absolutely fixed on a single object as if nothing else in the whole world has ever mattered in the slightest. It is in this moment we realize how the world might be if we all were to look to our Creator with the same steadfastness and fixation—innocent in heart and motivation. That certainly would be a true world of unity.

As babes grow we begin to see God’s gift to us unfolding as their precious personalities begin to shine through—unique and conspicuously predetermined. With reverence we teach them all we know of the Lord and His ways. With rules and discipline we establish guidelines and clarity in how to live in a way that is upright and pleasing. We teach them to fear and honor their Creator for this will bring them blessings, peace and life.

Under heaven there is no greater responsibility and privilege than to raise a child right. It is how we express our deepest gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ—the Creator of all things.

To intentionally raise a child for God is one of the greatest demonstrations of loyalty, affection and humility that mankind can accomplish out of genuine faith in our Creator and love for our offspring. And so we continue to raise our children in the way that they should go—in the way that leads to life. We raise them carefully with discipline and instruction, for we know that to spare the rod is to hate a child and that a child left to his own accord leads only to shame and heartache (Proverbs 13:24).

    “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”

May we always steadily reprove our children with wisdom and with the intention to guide and never provoke so that godly values will be a long-lasting installment within them (Proverbs 29:15, Proverbs 22:6) and peace within their lives may abound (Isaiah 54:13). Upon carful study of Scripture and guidance by the Holy Spirit may we bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

    “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.”

How sweet it is to instill within a babe the full understanding that with Jesus there is everlasting life and without Him is everlasting death. For only then can they fairly choose between the two. We pray that after years of training and dedication they will willingly choose the narrow path of sweet servitude in Christ unto a future of everlasting life. But until that time we will continue steadfast in their upbringing with God as our constant guide and companion.

Children are considered one of the most amazing of God’s creatures here on Earth and probably in Heaven too. Their ignorance of evil and willingness to blindly follow and obey makes them the perfect candidates for the kingdom of God, but also for the gates of destruction. And so we must help protect these little ones by monitoring what they hear and see.

Let us make it our mission to keep far from them the corruption of this world until they are at least old enough to be held accountable for their own decisions, and even then continue on in being a source of counsel. In this way we can serve as a blessing to their lives and to the lives of others—an influence in their choice of salvation.

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