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What We Believe:
We believe that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and that he came to earth to die, and be resurrected after 3 days, so men would come to the Saving Grace and Knowledge and Truth of our Lord and Savior. We believe The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit make up one God, the Creator of the Universe and his word is in the Holy Bible (KJV or Geneva preferred).

Vision and Mission Statement

We strive to be the most comprehensive and inclusive online library, bookstore and marketplace on the internet. LaymansBookstore.com wants to give Christians the truth they are searching for while giving unbelievers the content they need to delve deeper into the understanding of Jesus Christ, the Creator of the Universe.

What is LaymansBookstore.com? How You Can Help!

Meet The Founders of LaymansBookstore.com

Theodore and Lenae Valentine founded LaymansBookstore.com and Lion of Judah Ministries LLC. with one thing in mind… to dedicate all of their talent, time and work to Glorify God and spread the news of Christ throughout the world.

For over a decade, Theodore Valentine has built successful businesses as a Media Producer. During his spare time he would help volunteer his time to run and launch Public Awareness Campaigns that have swayed public opinion both politically and economically. Recently, Theodore Valentine rebuilt Kent Hovind’s Creation Science Evangelism. He has since had a fire in his heart to build new Ministries across the World.

The newest Ministry, LaymansBookstore.com, was built by Theodore and his wife Lenae Valentine in a month. LaymansBookstore.com is going to the be foundation from which all other Ministries will launch from. While Theodore is working on making connections and networking with Christian Ministries, building websites, producing videos, graphics, writing stories, meeting with Pastors, etc… etc… His beautiful wife Lenae is working on audiobooks at LaymansBookstore.com YouTube Channel, writing children and teen stories as well as providing amazing help and leadership in every department of the Ministry.

Theodore and Lenae Valentine are working hard to unite God fearing Christians and grow God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Please join them in this mission and make the Christian Community strong.

Feel free to contact them through email: theodore@workersinchrist.net or phone: 520-510-3982

What LaymansBookstore.com Does:

LaymansBookstore.com is a library and bookstore run by Lion of Judah Ministries LLC. LaymansBookstore.com is an Online Library that occassionally sells used and new books, as well as other items, but its’ main purpose is to archive digital files to build, harvest and preserve knowledge. LaymansBookstore.com does not make money from anything sold. Revenue goes to the manufacturer, distributor or producer of items in the marketplace, or books sold in the library.

We believe in giving the regular person on the street, and future evangelists, a voice and platform that many Christian Ministries are not doing. We want to encourage the Children of God to flood society and culture with their creative ability to write, produce art, music, videos and more.

We believe in expanding the collection of digital content to the whole world. LaymansBookstore.com can collect, manage and catalog collections of archived ebooks, audio files, and misc. content with 24/7 access for use by website visitors.

Our researchers, producers, writers and designers work with hundreds of organizations around the world. We may reach out to the following institutions to better expand our library in our purpose stated above:

– Christian Organizations (for profit and non-profit)
– College/University Libraries
– Public Libraries, Cities and Counties
– Museums, Libraries and Art Galleries
– Other Institutions (such as state and federal government)