• Honest Money Economics by Gary North
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    Honest Money: The Biblical Blueprint for Money and Banking (eBook)

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    Format: Electronic Book
    Ministry/Author: Gary North of Specific Answers
    Description: We began by stating that the issue with respect to gold is an issue more centrally with respect to God. Is there an ultimate and absolute order, and does God’s sovereign law establish an inescapable order with respect to every sphere, so that transgression of that law brings social penalties and decay? Or is humanism true, and the only value is man and his desires, ~ his pleasure in consumption, display, and expression? The monetary crisis reflects a cultural crisis.

    Table of Contents:
    1 – The Value of Money
    2 – The Origins of Money
    3 – Maintaining Honest Money
    4 – Debasing the Currency
    5 – The Contagion of Inflation
    6 – When the State Monopolizes Money
    7 – Biblical Banking
    8 – Fractional Reserve Banking
    9 – Protecting Licensed Counterfeiters
    10 – A Biblical Monetary System
    11 – A Program of Monetary Reform
    12 – The Politics of Money
    13 – The Reform of Debt

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