52 Bible Lessons (Sunday School Curriculum) – purchase necessary


Format: Website
For ages: 6-12 years
Curriculum/Founder: 52 Bible Lessons/Lorraine Gilbert

Pricing: 29.95 (for pdf download of teacher's guide & student guide)

Description: This Bible Curriculum was designed as a time-stamped curriculum to introduce children to the Bible. This book can be used as a Sunday School curriculum, weekly church activity, or as a home school curriculum. This book is designed for use by any Christian denomination. It starts in Genesis and systematically touches on all 66 books of the Bible, encompassing lessons for major Christian events.

It incorporates the Christian Liturgical Calendar, school calendar, and major U.S. holidays because children's lives revolve around school and holidays. It is designed for non-clergy and non-teachers, realizing that most volunteers at church do not have a degree in Divinity and/or Education. Most lessons have a true 5-minute prep.

*Visitors are encouraged to study Scripture (KJV, Tyndale, Geneva preferred) to determine biblical accuracy of any activity/text. Laymansbookstore.com makes ZERO profit in the promotion of this website.


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