ABC Jesus Loves Me (Toddler & Preschool Curriculum-fee required)


Format: Website
For ages: 1-5 years
Curriculum/Founder: ABC Jesus Loves Me/Heidi

Family Use Pricing: All Lesson Plan and Workbooks are $30 each, Kindle editions are $9.99. Digital Download Printables are $5 and Unit Studies are $10.

Description: A comprehensive, research-based curriculum for ages 1-5 that focuses on academics, development, and the Bible. The five 36-week curricula incorporate learning into the toddler's and preschooler's day instead of controlling it, allowing the child to explore, play, and learn new things. Our website includes thousands of lesson plans, printables, and supportive ideas to guide the child's learning and help the adult be intentional throughout the day. We also offer printed books, digital downloads, and Unit Studies.

The entire ABCJLM site, ideas, and attachments are for the teaching of your child in an immediate family, home setting. Licenses are required for use with a child outside your legal guardianship. This includes all churches as well as nonprofit and for-profit businesses, daycares, and preschools.

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*Visitors are encouraged to search Scripture (KJV, Tyndale, Geneva) to determine biblical accuracy of any activity/text. Laymansbookstore.com makes ZERO profit in the promotion of this website.

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