Alien Covenant Documentary: Last Supper in Satans New Testament (DVD Gospel Tract)

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Format: DVD in plastic sleeve (running time 36-min)
Production Company: Lies of the Devil a Ministry of Lion of Judah Ministries, LLC.The purpose of Lies of the Devil is to EXPOSE the LIES OF THE DEVIL and to shine light on all forms of evil (explicit and implicit) so that people will be made aware of it and therefore avoid it.

Description: Prometheus and Alien Covenant by Ridley Scott is a movie glorifying an agreement with Satan. The Alien movies give a glimpse into the religion that Ridley Scott believes in. HR Giger, the creator of the Alien everyone worships in the movies, is a satanist possessed by the Devil. HR Giger is the artist behind the satanic offering of talent in his book the necronomicon – a collection of drawings glorifying bio-mechanic robots, sex and violence.

This documentary will expose Ridley Scott, what he believes in and what the Alien movies are really about… We need to pray for Ridley Scott and those being fooled by satan in the Hollywood and Music Industry.

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