Angles Walking (Paperback)

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Ministry/Author: Karen Kingsbury
Format: Paperback
Pages: 360
Condition: Used
Description: Somewhere in Heaven, a decision has been made. An Angels Walking team has been assigned to a desperate mission. When angels walk, most people never know, never see. But they are there. And sometimes the skates are so high, all of heaven stands ready.

One-time national baseball hero Tyler Ames has lost everyone he loves on a quest to make it to the big league. Then, just when things seem to be turning around, Tyler hits rock bottom. Across the country, Tyler’s only love, Sami Dawson, has moved on.

A series of small miracle leads Tyler to a maintenance job at a retirement home and a friendship with Virginia Hutcheson, an old woman with Alzheimer’s, who strangely might have the answers he so desperately seeks.

A team of Angels Walking takes on the mission to see hope restored for Tyler, Sami, and Virginia. Can the small and seemingly insignificant actions of the unseen bring healing and redemption? Can the words of a stranger restore lost love? Every journey begins with a step.

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