Autobiography – Blind Korean Pastor: The John An Story…(eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: New Light (Presbyterian) Church of the Blind/An Yo Han
Description: Happily married and all set to join the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, California, USA, as Korean language instructor, the cruel “hand of fate” struck, robbing John of the most precious gift of sight. Frantically seeking doctor after doctor, treatment after treatment, was of no avail …

The thing I had dreaded most had come! I felt as if both my body and spirit were bound together and thrown into the dark hell of despair. I was on the road to death all alone. There was no one who could walk with me; not even my own mother, my wife or my two loving daughters. I screamed out, “Oh, God! Why are you going to take the light away from me? What have I done to deserve this?” Sinking deeper into despair I cried unto God, cursing Him and at the same time imploring Him. Of all people, why me? Why? Why?

Plunged into his world of darkness, John was deserted by wife and children, left to face the future alone.

God reached down and lifted John from the depths of despair to fulfil his father’s dream, that he should become a preacher of the Gospel. Through years of hard testing, Rev John An today heads the New Light (Presbyterian) Church of the Blind, New Light Evening School, New Light House for the Blind. He edits the New Light Braille Magazine.

– taken from Far Eastern Bible College website

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