BE SOBER BE VIGILANT 1 Peter 5:8 KJV Prepper Long Sleeved Christian Shirt


Ministry/Producer: Turn From Your Idols/Brian Moonan
Production Company: KJV Prepper
Colors/Sizes: Vary

Style: Gildan Adult DryBlend Long sleeved shirt is 5.6 oz., pre-shrunk 50/50 cotton/polyester DryBlend OR Gildan Ladies’ Softstyle® 4.5 oz. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (not pictured) is 100% preshrunk cotton

Description: Being sober means more than just not drinking alcohol, or taking other drugs. Being sober minded means having situational awareness, having an edge, being a prepared for any situation. But even more important than having situational awareness, physically, is having true (Bible based) Spiritual awareness. It goes way beyond a load-out packed with the right everyday carry gear. Having the best folding knife in your EDC is meaningless, without the Sword of The Spirit. Having the best tactical flashlight at the ready is nothing compared to having and being the Light of the world.

Having a bug out bag packed with the most reliable stormproof matches or faro rod can’t compare to the fire of God’s Holy Spirit protecting us. We must remember Proverbs 21:31, safety is of The Lord! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal or physical, but spiritual. Are we guarding our eyes, ears, and those of our families from the enemy that is consistently waiting for an opportunity to tempt and attack us? Are we remaining in the word of God daily, and putting on the full armour of God? Are we submitting to God, so that the devil will flee? We must be ready always to give an answer for the faith that lies within us. Are we sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and praying, or distracted by the world? Lord willing, this shirt design will serve as a warning to the lost, AND be an encouraging call to spiritual sobriety, vigilance and prayer for believers.

-taken from KJV Prepper website

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