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Becoming a Prayer Warrior (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Ministry/Author: Morning Star Ministries/Elizabeth (Beth) Alves
Pages: 191
Description: Becoming a Prayer Warrior is a complete guide to the essentials of powerful prayer. From laying out the basic principles to inspiring stories of world-changing prayer, international prayer leader Elizabeth Alves gives you a fresh look at the incredible mystery of prayer and the benefits it can bring.

She equips everyone, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned intercessor, with clear, practical guidance about how to pray with more power and more passion. Move beyond the idea of prayer as a ritual or duty and learn how to truly communicate with God and experience his power and joy as never before.

– written by Servant of Messiah Ministries

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    Foreword 11
    Acknowledgments 13
    Introduction 15
    The Purpose of Prayer 19
    Why Pray? 21
    Teach Me to Pray 31
    Types of Prayer 41
    Hearing from God 57
    Hearing God’s Voice 59
    Understanding the Holy Spirit 67
    Journaling: Recording What You Hear 77
    Spiritual Warfare 83
    You’re in a Battle 85
    Weapons of Warfare 107
    The Christian Arsenal—Part I 109
    The Christian Arsenal—Part 2 125
    A Guide to Prayer 143
    Daily Prayers 145
    Glossary 185
    Recommended Reading 187

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