Bible Exploration: Bible Lessons for All Ages (FREE Online Resource)


Format: Online Resource
Ministry: U.B. David & I'll B. Jonathan, Inc.
Description: BIBLE EXPLORATION includes about 240 Bible lessons for all ages. Included are lots of lessons which will help you become better acquainted with the Bible, God's Word to us, and discover valuable truths for living life. As you will see by the descriptions, many of these are geared to children but even more are meant for teens and adults. Enjoy discovering what God wants you to learn today!

The Lessons are also available in French and Spanish. Registration is free. Videos and quizzes are also included in the lessons for optimal learning. Here are the courses currently available in Bible Exploration, listed in recommended order:

*Bible Stories from Moody Bible Institute (for children, teens & adults)
*David & Goliath Story (for teens and adults)
*Know Your Bible (four sets lessons for children)
*Light from the Old Testament (for mature teens and adults)
*Survey of the Scriptures (for teens and adults)
*A Journey of Faith with the Patriarchs (for teens and adults)
*Book of Judges (for mature teens and adults)
*Character by Character (for teens and adults)
*Famous Bible Stories (for teens and adults) (NEW series!)
*Famous Bible Parables (for teens and adults)

-taken from I'll B. Jonathan, Inc. Website

For more information: U.B. David & I'll B. Jonathan, Inc. Website


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