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Biblical Guide to the Shemitah and the Blood Moons (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Ministry/Author: The Alliance for Biblical Integrity/David James
Pages: 206
Description: In his latest book, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn boldly purports to reveal a previously unknown and undiscovered “3,000-year-old mystery that…revealed the dates and the hours of the greatest [financial] crashes in Wall Street history…determined the timing of 9/11…lies behind the rise of America…and its fall…[and] holds the key to what lies ahead for the world and for your life.”

If true, these astonishing claims are nothing short of divine revelation. If false, then millions of believing Christians are the victims of brazen marketing hype at best, spiritual deception at worst—or both. But how can one test such claims? Is it even possible to know the truth of these matters? Unequivocally, unhesitatingly, YES!

In contrast to the swirling clouds of “mysteries” touching down in churches all across America, readers will appreciate the calm, clear reasoning of international Bible teacher Dave James as he demonstrates the process of spiritual discernment for all readers who desire to “test all things [and] hold fast what is good.” —1 Thessalonians 5:21.

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*Laymansbookstore.com encourages readers to search Scripture (KJV, Tyndale, Geneva preferred) to determine the biblical accuracy of any text.


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    1. Origin of the Shemitah
    2. The Theory of Shemitah Cycles in America
    3. “The Revelations Came Rapidly”
    4. America as the Second Israel
    5. The Hebrew Calendar
    6. “Non-Date-Setting” Date Setting
    7. What’s in a Title? The “Mystery” of the Shemitah
    8. The Blood Moon Tetrad
    9. A Surprising Lack of Discernment
    10. Marketing “Fear”
    11. The Second Shaking
    12. The Isaiah 9:10 Effect
    13. The Financial Collapse
    14. The Shemitah Connection
    15. The Case for the Shemitah
    16. Fudging the Numbers
    17. Biblical Realities & Inescapable Conclusions
    18. Signs of the Second Coming?
    19. The Imminency Problem
    20. A Potential Danger – and a Word of Caution

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