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Biblical Separation: Doctrine of Church Purification and Preservation (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Organization/Author: Far Eastern Bible College/Jeffrey Khoo
Description: Biblical separation (ie, the separation of the church and its members from unbelief, apostasy, and compromise) is a much neglected doctrine today.

It is disturbing to note that most of the major or popular theology textbooks written in this century fail to discuss it systematically. Those that do discuss it either treat it superficially or view it negatively. A look at the Systematic Theologies currently available will bear this out. (If discussed, it is usually done under Ecclesiology, ie, Doctrine of the Church.)

The absence of the doctrine of separation in most of the Systematic Theologies is unfortunate. The apostasy of mainline denominational churches today might be due to a lack of appreciation for this vital doctrine. This work thus seeks to study the neglected doctrine of separation from a biblical perspective by presenting and commenting on the texts that propound it from Genesis to Revelation.

– taken from Far Eastern College Bible College Website

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