Big Brother David & Little Lady Grace (Audiobook CD w/ Bonus Material)


A Movie In Your Mind! Fully Theatrical Audio Book Over 2 Hours Long.

Ministry/Author: Lion of Judah Ministries, LLC.
Format: MP3 CD in plastic sleeve
Condition: New
Description: These Gospel Tracts will change the hearts and souls of Children forever! Big Brother David, Little Lady Grace and Little Tommy Jameson will teach your children morals, ethics, how to behave and what it means to be a Christian.

All stories are free on our YouTube Channel.

Audio books that are included in the Big Brother David and Little Lady Grace Series:
Book 1: A Little Love Saves a Lot of Heartache (story for Valentine's Day)
Book 2: Little Bunny Hop-Along (story for Easter)
Book 3: Freedom For All (story for 4th of July)
Book 4: The Blob (story about evolution vs. creation)
Book 5: God Loves Fallen Heroes (story for September 11)
Book 6: Trick or Treating (story for Halloween)
Book 7: Rollercoasters, Slides and Swings! (story for vacation fun)
Book 8: The Gobble Gobble Turkey (story for Thanksgiving)
Book 9: The Christmas Surprise! (story for Christmas)
Book 10: BOOM! Goes the Firecracker (story for New Years)

Audio books that are included in the Little Tommy, Daddy and Pops Series:
Book 11: Letter to Jesus! (story about missing a lost loved ones that have passed away)
Book 12: I See Daddy Wait on God (story about prayer)
Book 13: Waiting for Little Ms. Right (story about staying pure before marriage)
Book 14: Christmas Tradition (story for Christmas)

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