Calming Harp: Peregrinnatti (YouTube Channel)


Format: YouTube Channel
Ministry/Producer: Calming Harp/Steve Rees

Description: This is a resource YouTube channel that focuses on God and the healing and calming effects of harp music. Also available on the channel are FREE Harp Lessons led by Steve Rees.

“These series of lessons are used to help people learn how to play the lever or Celtic Harp by hearing more than by using sheet music. It is my aim to help the student enjoy playing the harp by working out songs that they enjoy and hear from other sources, but may not be able to find the printed music for. Also learning to play from the heart; hearing music and bringing it out.” -Steve Rees (Harpist)

For more information about Steve Rees and Calming Harp, visit their website at Be sure to subscribe to their channel for more great musical offerings.

*Laymansbookstore receives ZERO profit in the promotion of this YouTube channel. One of our goals is to serve as a platform for other Christian ministries and evangelists to be made known.

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