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Characteristics of the Anointed Preacher When The Holy Ghost is Come (Short Paper)


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Format: Electronic Paper
Ministry/Author: Samuel Logan Brengle (1860-1936)
Description: SINCE God saves men by “the foolishness of preaching”, the preacher has an infinitely important work, and he must be fitted for it. But what can fit a man for such sacred work? Not education alone, not knowledge of books, not gifts of speech, not winsome manners, nor a magnetic voice, nor a commanding presence, but only God. The preacher must be more than a man, he must be a man plus the Holy Ghost.

-Samuel Logan Brengle

Brengle was well-known as a minister to The Salvation Army’s officers and soldiers in the United States. Joining the Army in 1897, Brengle served 30 years. He believed that those who seek God “burst into flame,” when they first touch Him and they can bring those “left out in the cold” to His light.

-taken from Metro Youth Network website

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