Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn’t (eBook)

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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Gary North and Gary DeMar

Table of Contents:
Preface, by Gary North 
Introduction, by Gary DeMar 

Part I: God’s Covenantal Kingdom by Gary North

1. The Nature of God’s Kingdom 

2. The Pietist-Humanist Kingdom

3. Humanism and Politics 

4. God and Government 

5. The Myth of Neutrality

6. The Four Covenants of God

7. Postmillennialism’s ’’Faith in Man”

8. Premillennialism's Faith in Bureaucracy 
9. The Pietist-Humanist Alliance 

Part II: Questions Frequently Asked About Christian Reconstruction, by Gary DeMar

1. What Is Christian Reconstruction? 

2. Will Christians Bring in the Kingdom of God in History? 

3. Are Christians Still Under the Law? 

4. Are We Sanctified by the Law? 

5. Are We Now Under the “Law of Christ” Rather Than the’’Law of Moses’’?

6 . Isn’t Natural Law the Standard of Righteousnes for the Nations? 

7. What About”Democracy”? 

8. What About “Salvation by Politics”? 

9. Isn’t Postmillennialism Really Liberalism? 

10. What Role Does Israel Play in Postmillennialism? 

11. Is Revolution the Way to Advance God’s Kingdom?

Part III: Why Are Christian Reconstructionists Confrontational?

12. Are Our Critics Honest? Gary DeMar 

13. What Is the Proper Response?
Gary North 
Conclusion, by Gary DeMar


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