Chronology of the Old Testament: A Return to the Basics (eBook)


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Ministry/Author: FLOYD NOLEN JONES, Th.D., Ph.D.
Description: This dissertation addresses the conflict between the presuppositions and methodologies utilized by the modern school of Biblical chronology whose procedure rests on the Assyrian Eponym Canon, the royal inscriptions of the Assyrians and Babylonians and the Ptolemaic Canon as being absolute and accurate as opposed to the traditional Biblically oriented school which regards the Holy Scripture as the factual source against which all other material must be weighed.

The propositions advanced are: (1) There is academic justification that the chronology of the Biblical record can be fully substantiated with internal formulae documentation independent of religious overtones; and (2) This internal structure has been preserved in a specific rendering of the Biblical record, namely, the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek Textus Receptus (the only current English translation being the King James Bible). In support of these propositions, standard objections, i.e., “generation gaps”, “scribal errors”, etc. will be met with forthright solutions and alternatives based upon the internal data, not by “emendations”, “restorations” or “corrections” of the Text.

The “Kings of the Divided Monarchy” portion of the Hebrew record, long considered the “Gordian knot of Sacred Chronology,” is the major focus of this endeavor. Commonly purported as the most difficult and error prone period, it is actually capable of straightforward solution by use of the aforementioned internal composition. Moreover, an improvement on a previous technique by devising a specific “triangulation” formula has been introduced, applied and illustrated on the accompanying charts. This being done, the justified conclusion is substantiated that the dates as preserved in the King James Bible are reliable and demonstrable. Such must be seen to strongly argue that the Biblical text is a factual account of the actual history of the Hebrew people, that it is both accurate and self-consistent – complete and self-sufficient.

A critical examination of the period of the Disruption naturally entails an investigation of the heretofore mentioned secular material in order to properly establish synchronisms if and when they exist. It will be shown that most of the conflict reported to exist between the Hebrew Text and that of the Assyrian Annals etc. is the result of misunderstanding, misreporting, misrepresenting, misapplication and/or the taking of unjustified liberties in the emendations and restorations by the translators of the Assyrian records. Some of the work of these scholars and their associates, referred to collectively under the title of the “Assyrian Academy” within this study, is thereby called into question by the author.

Moreover, Dr. Edwin R. Thiele, long recognized as their leading proponent in the field of Biblical Chronology, while claiming to have defended the reliability of the Hebrew Text will be shown to have again and again applied these often mishandled Assyrian data in violation of the clear Hebrew history. In so doing, he created problems with and greatly undermined the integrity of the Hebrew Text. Dr. Thiele shall be refuted.

A more exacting solution to the chronology of the “Judges” is included herein. In addition, a solution to the 483 year Daniel 9:25 prophecy based upon a modification to the previous work of Ussher which he founded largely upon the writings of the great Greek historian of the fifth century BC, Thucydides of Athens, is offered as decisive and final.

Floyd Nolen Jones Th.D Ph.D


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