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Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny: Answering Darwin, Dawkins and Other Atheists (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Ministry/Author: The Berean Call/Dave Hunt
Pages: 610
Description: This excuse-shattering exposé of Darwin and Dawkins is the Dave Hunt magnum opus you’ve been waiting (and praying) for! Each of Dave’s seminal works—whether on occultism, Catholicism, Calvinism, ecumenism, Islam, or cosmic evolution, have all been, at the time of their publication, his “most important work to date”—and this 606-page refutation of Darwinian evolution (as championed by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and today’s aggressive “New Atheists”) is no exception.

As Dave has repeatedly said throughout the production of Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny, “This is not the book I set out to write.” For one reason, it is not an exhaustive scientific treatise dealing purely with innumerable physical evidences. Neither is it a micro-focused academic volume that requires a degree in astrophysics to understand.

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    1. The Challenge of the Cosmos
    2. Science Then and Now
    3. The New Atheists’ Speculative “Science”
    4. Impassable Chasms, Impossible Cliffs
    5. In the Beginning: The Question of Origins
    6. The Eternal Dilemma
    7. Why Can’t “Science” Tell Us Why?
    8. What About the Big Bang?
    9. From Big Bang to Life?
    10. Descent Into Collective Madness?
    11. Selfish Genes, Selfish People
    12. The Riddle of “Life”
    13. Consciousness, Conscience, and Morals
    14. Morals and Meaning Without God
    15. Against All Odds
    16. The Emperor Has No Clothes
    17. Misunderstandings and False Charges
    18. The Overlooked, Irrefutible Proof
    19. The Role of Israel and of Christ as Further Proof
    20. What If…? What Then?

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