Creation and the Second Coming (Paperback)

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Ministry/Author: Institute for Creation Research/Henry M. Morris Description: To understand the end, you must understand the beginning. Dr. Morris shows how Creation is tied to the Second Coming.

The Bible’s prophetic writers give key “sign” is an outgrowth of evolutionary humanism or pantheism.

God’s plan for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ began in the book of Gensis. The political upheavel in the Middle East, the New-Age movement, and the call for a one-world government were all foretold in God’s Word.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1—How We Know the End is Near
Chapter 2—Turmoil in the Bible Lands
Chapter 3—The Amazing Renaissance of Isreal
Chapter 4—Back to Babel
Chapter 5—Seven Years of Fury
Chapter 6—Science and the Second Coming
Chapter 7—Life in the Holy City

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