Format: Website
Ministry/Founder: Troy Lawrence
Description: Creation Ministry is a young earth creationist website/ministry that is primarily focused on providing the science, logic and scripture that supports the Genesis creation account and global flood.

[They] contend that the Bible is in harmony with science, and it is not the Bible versus science, but science and the Bible versus the opinions of evolutionary scientists. contends that Darwinian evolution (Macroevolution) is a lie and is a doctrine of demons and that adaptation (Microevolution) always remains the same kind of creature.

The goal of this ministry is to expose flawed dating methods, misinterpreted scientific discoveries, ect. that are used to dupe the masses in believing in an old universe and old Earth.

The materials provided on this website can be used to lecture, educate, and debate creation versus evolution and the age of the Earth; to affirm that the Bible is divine holy truth; and to lead people to salvation.

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Here is an interview with you can view with Dr. troy Lawrence about The Creation of the Universe:


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