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Curing Hopeless Voices (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Direct Voice Rehabilitation/Dr. Morton Cooper & Dr. John M. Curtis
Description: The Medical Mystery Solved by a Doctor's Natural Voice Treatment: Direct Voice Rehabilitation
Curing Hopeless Voices by Direct Voice Rehabilitation or DVR describes Dr. Morton Cooper's groundbreaking, clinically-proven direct voice treatment for Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) and other voice disorders.
This book is a journey through today's medical/pharmaceutical complex, which has been using Botox, surgery, and indirect voice or speech therapy to treat SD. Yet in the 135 years since this problem was first diagnosed, medical treatments have not found any cures for this dreaded condition, also known as “the strangled voice.”
Medical professionals and academicians are humane, well intentioned, and compassionate in treating SD, but they are on the wrong road. Dr. Cooper is the only Doctor in the world reporting and documenting peer-reviewed cures of SD (in 1980 by one of the world's leading speech pathology associations, the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics). He has also published extensively about cures of other voice problems by DVR.
Dr. Cooper discovered this remarkable, natural, non-medical SD cure after leaving UCLA Medical Center to concentrate on his private practice. His Direct Voice Rehabilitation for SD is a proven alternative to a lifetime use of Botox and also the only treatment that has provided cures.
If you have “hopeless” SD or a troubled voice, reading this book will give you invaluable information that could change your life.
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