Esther: The Bible Collection Series (Movie)


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Format: Not Rated (2000) Movie
Production Company: Beta Film, British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), Ceská Televize, Lux Vide
Description: Esther, who lived in Persia during the Xerxes's age, then stays in Susa like many other Judaeans who decided to settle in the new Persian empire, although Ciro's edict in 538 B.C. allowed them to go back to Jerusalem after the Babylonia deportation.

Thanks to her qualities, Esther manages to be a perfect God's project tool for her people salvation, by stopping the criminal wipping out plan, plotted by the Persian court.

Thanks to her heroism, the Judaeans will be able to get back to Jerusalem. For Israel that will be a period of rebirth: The Holy City Temple, destroyed by Nabucodonosor, will be rebuilt and Torah, the judaism foundation, regains its strength.

– Written by LuxVid

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