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Ministry/Founder: Family Discipleship Ministries/Craig Caster
Description: Family Discipleship Ministries is a non-profit ministry that was established in 1994, under founder and director, Pastor Craig Caster. The main purpose of this ministry is to help the body of Christ to effectively minister through discipleship. To accomplish this goal, FDM offers FREE biblical tools and training seminars on DISCIPLESHIP, MARRIAGE, LEADERSHIP and PARENTING, as well as how to implement these tools into church strategy. Family Discipleship Ministries also offers numerous materials in video and audio format, as well as workbooks and online resources in English and several other languages.

The vision of is to reach out to Christian churches, enabling them to disciple their congregations. To date, thousands of couples and parents throughout the U.S. and abroad have completed the FREE online biblical marriage and parenting classes hosted in churches and homes.

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