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Ministry: Fellowship Tract League

Description: Since the ministry began in 1978, Fellowship Tract League (FTL) has printed and shipped over 4 billion Gospel tracts into more than 200 countries. Every tract printed by this ministry has been given away free of charge. At the present time, FTL is printing in over 85 different languages.

FTL began operation in one room of the church basement with a single sheet-fed press. The ministry now occupies a separate 16,300 square foot building, and operates two presses. Their newest press is capable of printing in full-color, and prints twice as many tracts per hour as the presses we had in the past. The building and equipment are debt free! To God be the Glory!

-excerpts taken from FTL Website

Visit Fellowship Tract League for paper gospel tracts (can be ordered or printed straight from your computer and come in a variety of other languages.

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