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Description: The Finding God Network is a collection of sites designed with the key purpose of helping others to seek out the one true God. Whether you’ve already found God or are still looking, there is always more to find out about God and his plan for mankind – we never stop learning!

If you are looking for encouragement in life, the blog contains spiritual thoughts to brighten your day. If you want some fun then we suggest trying some quizzes or puzzles, but if you’re ready to dive deep into your Bible then we recommend some Bible study. Or if you are trying to teach the Word of God to children then you might find our Sunday School resources useful.

All our sites aim to enthuse you with the Word of God on several different levels and with several different methods. We are not all the same, we don’t all have the same knowledge and we respond well to some things, but not well to others. Hopefully you will find something that encourages you within the Finding God Network.

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*Visitors are encouraged to search Scripture (KJV, Tyndale, Geneva preferred) to determine biblical accuracy of any activity/text. makes ZERO profit in the promotion of this website.


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