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Format: Electronic Book by The Geeky Christian
Ministry/Author: Chuck Smith & Tal Brook
Description: When God wanted to raise up a mighty army for David, He gathered those who were distressed, in debt, and discontented. These unlikely soldiers became David’s mighty men and through them, God achieved remarkable victories.

When Jesus wanted to turn the world upside-down by bringing the message of God’s love to all mankind, He chose unlikely candidates. Of the twelve, most were fishermen and one was a hated publican. These are certainly not the choices the average person would have made for the task. When God wanted to make an impact on our society, He again chose the foolish things (as far as the world is concerned) to confound the wise; He chose the weak things to confound the mighty.

For instance, in raising up pastors to shepherd Calvary Chapel churches with thousands of members, God did not necessarily look for Phi Beta Kappas from Yale or Harvard. He did not look for magna cum laude graduates with impressive resumes. Instead, God chose people like a Mexican street fighter who had dropped out of high school, a hippie who had gone insane on drugs, a drug dealer who was into sorcery, and a motorcycle gang member to build His churches in the Calvary Chapel movement. God has used many such unlikely leaders to turn worn traditions upside down.

In these pages, you are going to read the incredible, indeed, almost unbelievable accounts of men with varied, wild, and even Satanic backgrounds, with one thing in common. They were touched by the grace of God and now are being used to touch thousands of other lives. As you read, you will no doubt wonder how these men, who for the most part had no formal education for the ministry, were able to go out and build churches ranging in size from several thousand to ten thousand members.

-taken from Foreword of Book

Table of Contents
In the Beginning
Drought Before the Harvest
As Far As the Eye Can See
Greg Laurie: Opening the Wrong Door
Steve Mays: A Heartbeat from Hell
Jon Courson: Fire & Rain
Raul Ries: From Fury to Freedom
Jeff Johnson: Drug Dealer to Shepherd
Skip Heitzig: A Quest for Psychic Powers
“Bil” Gallatin: Vision of Destruction
Joe Focht: Meditating Undercover
Mike MacIntosh: Neither Dead nor Alive
Principles of Growth 

*ATTENTION: This book is written from the perspective of Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel. Laymansbookstore ALWAYS encourages readers to study Scripture to determine accuracy of any text


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