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Hermeneutics (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: D.R. Dungan
Description: A textbook designed to help readers correctly interpret the Word of God. Hermeneutics is a science and not simply divine revelation. Man is fallen and therefore can easily make a mistake when interpreting scripture. It is the responsibility of the Christian to learn the right way to interpret something that God has told us not to add to or take from.

Table of Contents:
Chapter I: Introduction.
l Chapter II: Things Which Helps Us to Understand the Word of God.
l Chapter III: The Things That Hinder.
l Chapter IV: Concerning Methods.
l Chapter V: The Several Covenants.
l Chapter VI: The Value and Use of History and Biography in the Interpretation of the Scriptures.
l Chapter VII: Rules for the Interpretation of Words and Sentences.
l Chapter VIII: Figurative Language.
l Chapter IX: The Various Figures of the Bible.
l Chapter X: Figures of Thought.
l Chapter XI: Prophecy.


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