Hollywood’s Alpha Male? Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary


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Format: Online Video (running time 63-min)
Production Company: Lies of the Devil a Ministry of Lion of Judah Ministries, LLC.The purpose of Lies of the Devil is to EXPOSE the LIES OF THE DEVIL and to shine light on all forms of evil (explicit and implicit) so that people will be made aware of it and therefore avoid it.

Description: Terminator Action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger ushered in #LGBTQ pride and males giving birth to babies – At a young age idolized bodybuilders because of his abusive father who was a Nazi officer in Austria. This grew into an unhealthy obsession has fueled the way he carries himself in life. Satan has used him to help prime the pump for transgender confusion in America (with his movie Junior). He has been caught as an adulterer, sex scandals and seems to be a nazi sympathizer.

We need to pray that Arnold Schwarzenegger sees the error of his ways, turns away from his sin, repents to God and becomes saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Alien Nation, Mrs. Doubtfire, White Chicks, Making of True Lies, James Cameron, Tom Arnold, Terminator, Skynet, Jesuits, Adolf Hitler, Roman Catholic Church, Aldous Huxley, Scientists Created Human-Pig Hybrid (VICE NEWS HBO), TED Cognitive Thinking, IBM Watson, Arnold Exposed

*Adult supervision advised. Some material may be inappropriate for children.


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