How To Live a Godly Life and Be a Model Citizen Documentary (Part 1)


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Format: Online Video (running time 67-min)
Production Company: Lies of the Devil a Ministry of Lion of Judah Ministries, LLC.The purpose of Lies of the Devil is to EXPOSE the LIES OF THE DEVIL and to shine light on all forms of evil (explicit and implicit) so that people will be made aware of it and therefore avoid it.

Description: How do I become a believers in Jesus Christ?
How do I know I am saved?
Will my behavior change?

After we are saved should we rely on so called “christian patriots” in the liberal movement like Alex Jones of Infowars? Should believers in Jesus Christ even be listening to people like that?

What about in a world full of false prophets and heretical teachers like Joel Osteen, Peter Popoff, Jim Bakker, Kent Hovind and Kenneth Copeland… what should Believers in Jesus Christ go to hear biblical preaching?

God calls us to be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ. That means we are to be a model citizens for people to learn from. This documentary talks about how to live a godly life and be a model citizen but also warns against the unruly and false prophets who are leading people to rebellion and a world of pain.

*Adult supervision advised. Some material may be inappropriate for children.


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