How to Live According to Jesus: Volume 1 (Paperback)

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Ministry/Author: Turning Point/Dr. David Jeremiah
Description: When the Lord Jesus walked this earth, no one would have considered Him a success. He wasn’t wealthy or politically powerful. In fact, over time the number of people following Christ got smaller rather than larger. Even His friends deserted Him in His greatest need. Yet no life has been more influential, for Jesus taught people a new way to live.

Once, when Christ had a crowd of people around Him, He explained this new life. They could not have been prepared for His words. “You have heard it said…,” He would begin, presenting a common Old testament truth before exclaiming, “But I say to you…”

His message was clear: “Love your enemy. Pray in secret. Turn the other cheek.” Jesus warned them not to be satisfied with external conformity to Old Testament law, but to move toward an internal conformity to the character of God. Today we have many of the same questions those first listeners did—What should we do when we’re angry? How can we remain pure in a godless culture? How important is it to keep promises? In the Sermon on the Mount we are told how we can live according to Jesus. As we examine His words, we discover the answers to those questions and more.

-from book’s Back Cover

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