How We Got Our Bible (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Mike Vlach
Description: Most Christians understand that the Bible they hold in their hands is the inspired Word of God. Yet very few have a general understanding of the origin of the Bible. The purpose of this class, therefore, is to show the student how the Bible came to be and why it can be accepted as the unerring, authoritative Word of God.

Table of Contents:
1) Key terms relating to the Bible (Inspiration, Canonization, Transmission and
2) What the Bible was written on
3) Time period Bible was written in
4) Languages of the Bible
5) How the books of the Bible came to be recognized as Canon
6) Differences between the Hebrew, Protestant and Roman Catholic Bibles
7) The Apocryphal Books
8) Textual criticism
9) Old Testament manuscripts our Bible is based on
10) New Testament manuscripts our Bible is based on
11) Early translations of the Bible
12) The English Bible to 1611
13) Recent English translations
14) Is the King James version the only version Christians should use?


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