It’s A Young World After All: Exciting Evidences for Recent Research (Paperback)

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Pages: 131
Ministry/Author: Paul D. Ackerman
Description: This book clearly explains “clocks” that indicate a young earth, solar system, and cosmos, along with other major scientific evidences for a recent creation. With accuracy and sparkle the author clearly explains and unravels the mysteries that surround dating precisely the age of the earth. A wide range of readers, including high-school students, will appreciate the absence of mathematical formulas and technical table that tend to confuse the reader who is not a scientist.

The author of this provocative book states that although “many Christians—who have become generally sympathetic to the great body of anti-evolution arguments and evidences—are still afraid of the age issue, they are wrong in this fearfulness. The fact is that the age issue is one of our strongest areas.”

Already, many evolutionists have discovered that evolution cannot stand up against creationism in any fair and impartial date. It’s a Young Earth After All demonstrates that this is especially true for the age issue. Under the scrutiny of these powerful chapters, evolutionists beliefs about the origin and development of life will be found vulnerable and shaky.

-from book’s Back Cover

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