Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers (Episode Series)


*Parental Guidance is always suggested for movies.

Format: (PG-1993) Animated Episode Series
Production Company: Mundo World
Description: Series of 30 minute-Episodes about Jesus of Nazareth during his time on earth. After each episode there is a bible lesson in which a speaker gives an overview of what happened as well as other important facts about the Bible, History, and cultural customs of that time period.

Jesus is God in flesh. A long time ago he came to earth to fulfill the law, live a sinless life, and to die a sacrificial death so that God's wrath would be satisfied and that mankind would be reconciled back to God (those who repentant and have faith).

In the beginning, God made things perfect and good, but mankind messed it up when they willfully decided to sin. Jesus had to come and die because mankind could not be reconciled by themselves. Time after time they kept messing up-and keep messing up-even after God has given us chance after chance to come back to Him. Sin is the reason why bad things happen in the world; it is not God's fault, like many would lead you to believe.

Watch each episode by clicking the links below:
Episode 1: The Announcement to Mary
Episode 2: The King is Born
Episode 3: King Herod and the Wise Men
Episode 4: The Boy Jesus in the Temple
Episode 5: The Baptism of Jesus
Episode 6: Temptations in the Desert
Episode 7: John the Baptist
Episode 8: The Wedding at Cana
Episode 9: The woman at the Well
Episode 10: The Sermon on the Mount
Episode 11: The Prodigal Son
Episode 12: The Good Shepherd
Episode 13: Jesus Calls His Apostles
Episode 14: The Miracles of Jesus
Episode 15: The Story of Zacchaeus
Episode 16: Jesus Feeds the Multitudes
Episode 17: Jesus Teaching Ministry
Episode 18: Jesus Raises Lazarus
Episode 19: Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem
Episode 20: The Last Supper
Episode 21: Agony in the Garden
Episode 22: The trial of Jesus
Episode 23: Jesus Dies on the Cross
Episode 24: The Resurrection of Jesus
Episode 25: Jesus Ascends into Heaven
Episode 26: The Acts of the Apostles


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