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Marx’s Religion of Revolution: Regeneration Through Chaos (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Ministry/Author: Gary North of Specific Answers
Description: The Bible teaches that God deals covenantally with nations, even at the final judgment and beyond. Thus, nations are under the terms of the covenant, either explicitly (ancient Israel) or implicitly (all nations under God as Judge). The covenant proc- ess of blessings and cursings is therefore called into operation in the history of nations. National continuity and discontinuity must be viewed as an outworking of this fourth point of the Biblical covenant.

History has seen the rise of empires. They have all failed. They are satanic imitations of the implicitly (though not historically) unified kingdom of Christ on earth. The tendency of Christ’s kingdom is toward expansion. This leavening process is also a feature of Satan’s imitation kingdom. But his kingdom is on the defensive since Calvary. Whenever Christian nations remain faithful to the terms of God’s covenant, they experience blessings leading to victory over time. Whenever they have apos- tatized, they have faced judgment and have had their inheritance transferred to other nations, either through military defeat or economic defeat.

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