Methodologies of Multiplication (Bible Course eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Harvestime International Institute
Description: ‘This course shares Biblical methods of spiritual reproduction which will enable you to multiply in obedience to God's command. You will learn how to multiply spiritually as an individual and corporately within the context of the local church. If you apply the Biblical principles taught in this course, you can be responsible for the multiplication of thousands of trained and motivated believers.

If you are taking the Harvestime International Institute courses in order, this is the third course in Module Three, which focuses on multiplying the spiritual labor force trained through completion of Module Two.

The courses in Module Three are “Developing A Biblical World View,” “Teaching Tactics,” “Multiplication Methodologies,” and “Power Principles.” These courses develop awareness of the spiritual need of the world and explain how to meet that need through Biblical teaching and preaching, multiplication, and the endument of spiritual power.’


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