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Millennialism and Social Theory (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Gary North of Specific Answers
Description: This book is dedicated to the five billion people alive today who will perish for all eternity, one by one, over the next 80 years, unless: (1) the Holy Spirit makes an historically unprecedented positive move; and (2) the Church of Jesus Christ at long last begins to get its act together. The exponential curve of souls has now appeared. Either heaven starts to fill up in earnest or hell does.

Table of Contents:
1. Eschatology and the Millennium
2. What Is Social Theory?
3. Covenantal Progress
4. Pessimillennialism
5. The Society of the Future
6. Time Enough
7. Denying God's Predictable Sanctions in History
8. Historical Sanctions: An Inescapable Concept
9. The Sociology of Suffering
10. Pietistic Postmillennialism
11. Will God Disinherit Christ's Church?
12. Our Blessed Earthly Hope in History
13. What Is to Be Done?

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