Mind Invaders (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book (pdf)
Ministry/Author: The Berean Call/Dave Hunt
Pages: 384

Originally titled: The Archon Conspiracy

Ken Inman experienced an exhilaration beyond his wildest imagination. He had made contact! Excitedly he listened:

We’ve been watching your development—we’re here to help you take the next step. Open up. There’s nothing to fear.

Spine-tingling action follows this incredible breakthrough in mind research. Opening doors to the unlimited vistas of the mind, the Archons share their gift of psychic power, promising a new era of peace. But then governments get involved…

Discovering the CIA and Russian Intelligence’s battle for psychic control, famed journalist Carla Bertelli delves into the power behind the Archons. Convinced they are benevolent, she is devastated when Ken renounces the paranormal and embraces Christianity.

Torn between her love for Ken and her contempt for his “demons theory,” Carla plunges into a search for the truth that becomes a desperate race against time…

– from Back Cover

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Table of Contents:

    1. Contact!
    2. Appointment with Death
    3. Exit “the Nine”
    4. Out of the Darkness
    5. Living Proof
    6. Changes
    7. A CIA Operation?
    8. At the Crossroads
    9. A parting of the Ways
    10. The FSB Connection
    11. For the Record
    12. A Desperate Decision
    13. Paris!
    14. Discovered!
    15. Swallowed Up!
    16. Project Archon
    17. A Surprising Proposal
    18. Inside!
    19. Antonio Del Sasso
    20. The Plan
    21. Cat and Mouse
    22. A Foolish Adventure
    23. Invasion!
    24. Psychic War!
    25. An Infinite Potential?
    26. Close Encounter!
    27. An AntiChrist Rebellion?
    28. Poltergeist!
    29. Woman and Serpent
    30. Keeping the Faith
    31. Growing Doubts
    32. A Warning!
    33. Outwitted!
    34. A Hoax?
    35. A Rival Plan
    36. To Save the World
    37. World Congress 666
    38. Holocaust!
    39. A Greater Power
    40. The Archon Legacy
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