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NEW LIFE SERIES: 7 Lessons (eBook)


Format: PDF
For Ages: 6-12 years
Organization/Author: Bible to You Ministries/Mr. and Mrs. Carl Earley
Description: Seven (fill-in-the-blank) bible studies on different teachings from Scripture. Each lesson is 2-6 pages in length.

*Click the links below to securely download each lesson (some lessons may be missing from the original series due to conflicting views between the host and author):

2. Holy God-Holy People

3. Be An Example

4. The Heavens

5. Coming Events (In 2 parts)

6. Grieve Not The Holy Spirit Of God

7. The Walk Of The Believer (As compared to warfare and competing in sporting events.)

8. The Work Of The Believer (In 2 parts)

*Laymansbookstore.com encourages readers to study Scripture (KJV, Tyndale, Geneva preferred) to determine biblical accuracy of any text.


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