PreteenMinistry.net (Pre-teen/Jr. High/Youth Curriculum-fee required)


Format: Website
For ages: Pre-teen/Jr. High/Youth
Curriculum/Founder: Preteen Ministry.net/Nick Diliberto

Pricing: variable (depending on package)

Description: All our curriculum is theologically broad enough for churches of all denominations (and non-denominations) to use. In fact, we currently have thousands of churches around the world using our preteen curriculum. We focus on core Christian issues and stay away from denominational differences. In fact, we encourage you to customize our curriculum to fit your church’s DNA. Our curriculum is also flexible enough for use in small and large churches.

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*Visitors are encouraged to search Scripture (KJV, Tyndale, Geneva) to determine biblical accuracy of any activity/text. Laymansbookstore.com makes ZERO profit in the promotion of this website.

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