Proof Evolution is False (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Shawn Nelson from Geeky Christian
Description: This book will present proof that naturalistic evolution is an inadequate explanation for the origin of (1) the universe, (2) life and (3) human life and that the cause of these three areas must be intelligent.

-From Author’s Introduction
Table of Contents:
Operation and Origin Science
Causality and Uniformity
Natural and Unnatural Causes
Forensic Example—Finding A Dead Body

Part 1—The Universe Must Have Had an Intelligent Cause
The Universe Had a Beginning
S—Second Law of Thermodynamics
U—Universe is Expanding
R—Radiation From the ―Big Bang‖
G—Great Galaxy Seeds
E—Einstein‘s General Relativity
The Cause of the Universe Must Be Supernatural (Beyond Nature)
The Cause Must Also Be Intelligent
The Naturalistic Cosmic Evolution Explanation Is Inadequate

Part 2—First Life Must Have Had An Intelligent Cause
There Are Just Two Options, Really
Spontaneous Generation
The Miller–Urey Experiment
Problems with Spontaneous Generation

Part 3: Human Life Must Have Had An Intelligent Cause
S—Status? Still Unproven
The Scientific Method Requires Observation
Observing Changes Within A Kind Is Not Proof
Observing Similarity Is Not Proof
L—Lack of Fossil Evidence
No Sign of Macroevolution in the Fossil Record
What About ―Intermediate Links?‖
Where Do Living Fossils Fit?
I—Impossible to Achieve
Self-Organization is Contrary to Second Law
Three Types of Order in Nature
Specified Complexity Requires an Intelligent Designer
Irreducible Complexity
Life is Irreducibly Complex
P—Plausibility Problems
Macroevolution Requires Nine Conditions
Put All Three Together: A Plausibility Nightmare
“Three Strikes, Evolution—You’re Out!”


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