Psalms of Aliyah (Music CD/MP3)


Ministry/Producer: Calming Harp/Steve Rees (Harpist)
Formats Available: CD in sleeve OR MP3 Download
Condition: New
Description: This CD album is the result of researching the physiological effects of various frequencies for healing and well-being. I have been encouraged by Dr. Leonard Horowitz through his published work in this area to offer a recording using the 528 “Mi” frequency as the basis for the compositions you are about to hear. The chord progressions come out of the Psalms of David using Hebrew letter to frequency relationships that are established out of Psalm 119. I believe that these frequencies may have been a way that our Heavenly Father was and is trying to help us live in health, restoration, and prosperity. These frequencies could very possibly be the “Key of David” that Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7 talk about. May these “Keys” change your life! -taken from Calming Harp Website

Track 1 — Psalm 120: I Cried Out
Track 2 — Psalm 121: I Lift My Eyes
Track 3 — Psalm 122: The Peace of Jerusalem
Track 4 — Psalm 123: I Look to You
Track 5 — Psalm 124: Like a Bird
Track 6 — Psalm 125: Mount Zion
Track 7 — Psalm 126: The Dream
Track 8 — Psalm 127: Solomon’s Temple
Track 9 — Psalm 128: Fruitful Vine
Track 10 — Psalm 129: The Blessing
Track 11 — Psalm 130: Waiting for the Dawn
Track 12 — Psalm 131: Resting on You
Track 13 — Psalm 132: The Promise
Track 14 — Psalm 133: Precious Oil
Track 15 — Psalm 134: High Praise

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