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Format: Website
Ministry/Founder: Questions
Description: The founders of started two websites in 2008 one was with 1000’s of free Christian eBooks and the other one was sending free Bibles worldwide to those searching and wanting to find purpose for life because in part of that young native man caring enough to give me God's Word.

This ministry has progressed over the years with a half dozen Christian websites each with a different purpose. This web site “Questions God. Com” is our newest web site. Over the years, we have had many folks that asked questions feeling comfortable and are curious, searching and looking for answers on their life journey and about God.

The design of this site is quite different that the rest of our other sites. This site is not be “religious” or “preachy,” or “christian terms” more that you can feel comfortable and safe searching for answers in each step that you make. Our only purpose is that you will first be curious and then take a honest look at the next step in your search for trying to find real meaning for your life.

-taken from questions website


*ATTENTION: Laymansbookstore makes NO profit in the promotion of this website. One of our goals is to serve as a platform for other Christian ministries and evangelists to be made known.

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