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Rapture Fever: Why Dispensationalism is Paralyzed (eBook)


Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Gary North of Specific Answers
Description: It is time for Christians to begin to restore. But what, exactly, are Christians morally obligated by God to restore? And how are they supposed to do this? On these two crucial questions, dispensationalism is self-consciously silent. This is why it is paralyzed.

This is why it has entered its terminal phase. Let me offer some indirect evidence. Except in the historically rare instance when a nation goes to war to defend an idea and then loses the war, movements do not give up their ideas overnight. Large numbers of people do not march out of a movement, nor do they as a unit openly abandon their former belief systems.

Then why do movements disappear? Attrition. They fail to recruit new followers, either from the outside or from the youth within their ranks. This is now happening to dispensationalism.

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