Repentance From Sin: How Antinomianism Disarmed the Gospel and Not the Sinner (Paperback)


Ministry/Author: Repentance From Sin/Joshua Joscelyn
Format: Paperback
Pages: Almost 250
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Description: A deadly lie has crept into Christianity, filling our churches with carnality and false converts. Preachers today redefine repentance as only a turn from unbelief and not a turn from sin. Removing God's law and conviction of sin from the gospel call has made sinners secure while clutching to their daggers of sin and rebellion.

Christ does not save sinners in their sin – only from it. Yet the lie of Easy Believism has rendered the gospel powerless to transform the believer. This groundbreaking treatise on the gospel proves from both history and the Bible that:

* Repentance from sin is not works salvation
* The law is perfect, converting the soul
* Nearly every time the word is used in Scripture, repentance means a turn from sin
* Easy Believism is merely the resurrected lie of Antinomianism (lawlessness) refuted long ago by Martin Luther
* The New Birth transforms sinners into saints, holy and pure

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INCLUDES: Introduction to the subject, 9 fact-filled chapters, 2 appendixes providing extensive research, Scripture index for easy reference, and thorough Notes & Bibliography sections to verify all documentation. A powerful reference tool in just under 250 pages.

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