Romans 9-16: Beyond Personal Salvation (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: John Edmiston of Global Christians
Description: Beyond Personal Salvation is a compilation of a series of daily bible studies from Eternity Daily Bible Study and is an exposition of the second half of the book of Romans (Romans 9-16).

It follows on from The Righteousness Which Is By Faith which was an exposition of Romans 1-8. The first half of Romans focuses on our personal, individual salvation and standing in Christ. The second half of Romans goes beyond this and looks at our concern for and relationship with other people in the mainly Gentile congregations that Paul ministered to. Romans 9-16 takes us into the realm of practical Christianity that agonizes over the lost and which seeks to help and not hinder one's brother in the faith.

It spends a lot of time dealing with issues that “stretch” people to go beyond their cultural comfort zones and includes issues about the salvation of Israel, relationships of Gentiles with Torah-observant Christian Jews (what we would call Messianic Jews today), handling governments and ruling authorities, and dealing with values conflicts.


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