Ruler of the Nations: Biblical Blueprints for Government (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Gary DeMar
Description: The question of freedom is first of all a question of sovereignty and of responsibility. Who is sovereign, and to whom is man responsible?This source of sovereignty is also the source of freedom. If sovereignty resides in God and is only held ministerially by men, then the basic responsibility of ruler and ruled is to God, who is also the source of freedom. But if sovereignty resides in the state, whether a monarchy or democracy, man has no appeal beyond the law of the state, and no source of ethics apart from it. He is totally responsible to that order and has only those rights which the state chooses to confer upon him.

Table of Contents:
Author's Introduction 3
1. God Is Sovereign, Not Man 11
2. A Bottom-Up Hierarchy 27
3. Plural Law Systems, Plural Gods 39
4. God Judges the Nations 54
5. Call No Man Your Father 69
6. Jesus Alone Possesses Divine Rights 85
7. We Must Render Appropriate Service 101
8. Neutrality Is a Myth 116
9. Judges Need Jurisdiction 131
10. Rebuilding Takes Time 144
Conclusion 161

11. Reconstructing Church Government 169
12. Reconstructing Family Government 185
13. Reconstructing Civil Government 203
Appendix: The Christian Origins of
American Civil Government 225


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