Searching for the Truth on Origins (eBook)


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Format: Electronic Book
Ministry/Author: Roger Oakland of Understand the Times
Description: I want to set the foundation for this thirteen-part series. It is entitled, Creation: The Foundation of the Christian Faith. This is session one and as I said, it is going to be the foundation. This is going to be a bit of an overview of some of the materials that we are going to be covering over the next twelve sessions.

I am sure many of you, have asked these following questions: Why do I exist? Is there a God who created me or do I exist because of some kind of a process—some kind of chance event? Of course, we are familiar with the term “evolution” and throughout this seminar we want to resolve this issue. We want to search for the truth on origins. We want to examine the claims of those who believe that the evolutionary worldview is true and we want to examine the claims of those who believe that the biblical creation worldview is true. And so, that will be our goal and that will be our objective

– From the Author’s Introduction


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