Spiritual Authority (eBook)


Ministry/Author: Watchman Nee
Format: Electronic Book
Pages: 189
Description: The contents of this volume comprise a series of messages which were delivered in Chinese by the author during a training period for workers held in Kuling, Foochow, China, in 1948, and are now translated from the edited notes taken by some who attended that training.
Scripture quotations are from the American Standard Version of the Bible (1901), unless otherwise indicated.

-taken from the Introduction of Book

I don't know whether to re-read this book and truly receive what was offered or to put it down in favor of the nearest feel-good Christian book. It was not a pleasurable experience reading this book as I was continually convicted. I argued with the author and God throughout, but I can say this book opened my eyes in areas I knew not that they were closed. Don't read this book for a pick-me-up, but only if you're ready for a challenge to go deeper with God. I'm glad I read it, probably will re-read it or at least review it. Even after I've put it down, it continues to speak to me, challenge me, convict me.

-written by James Seawel

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